Month: July 2023

Google Meet Etiquette

In Cybersmart this week we have been learning about Google Meet Etiquette. Etiquette is another way of saying manners.

Some of the things we talked about were:

  • Mic off
  • Camera on
  • Rasing hand button
  • Having a good background

And next week we are going to have our own Google Meet with Mr Goodwin

No Rhyme Spotlight

For reading this week we are doing No Rhyme Spotlight.

And i had to SACAWAC the words out of jail First I had to say it loud out while looking at it second I had to cover it and say it third I had to write it onto a without looking on my chromebook whiteboard and Lastly I had to check if I spelt it right.

Lastly I SACAWACED my words before I had to bloged it.

I did good at ticking my words but what I didn’t do good at was SACAWACING.

I enjoyed SACAWACING the words

Emotive language

For writing this week we talked about Emotive language. And a Emotive language example is like Adjectives – appalling, wonderful, magical, and tragic. Abstract Nouns – freedom, pride, justice, love, and terror. Verbs – destroyed, vindicated, saved, betrayed, and adored. And this is my wirting work.

Swimming Expectations

For PB4L today we did the Swimming Expectations and this is the Swimming Expectations.

Take responsibility – know where you should be and when you should be there.


Listen to what the teacher or tutor says straight away.

Respond on time to teachers and tutors. 


Do your bit to help keep us safe.


Be on time.


Be organised.


Follow instructions precisely.


Take responsibility for your gear – anything left behind gets put in the bin.