Day: July 28, 2023

No Rhyme Spotlight

For reading this week we are doing No Rhyme Spotlight.

And i had to SACAWAC the words out of jail First I had to say it loud out while looking at it second I had to cover it and say it third I had to write it onto a without looking on my chromebook whiteboard and Lastly I had to check if I spelt it right.

Lastly I SACAWACED my words before I had to bloged it.

I did good at ticking my words but what I didn’t do good at was SACAWACING.

I enjoyed SACAWACING the words

Emotive language

For writing this week we talked about Emotive language. And a Emotive language example is like Adjectives – appalling, wonderful, magical, and tragic. Abstract Nouns – freedom, pride, justice, love, and terror. Verbs – destroyed, vindicated, saved, betrayed, and adored. And this is my wirting work.