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8-Bit Art

For Cybersmart today we did 8-Bit Art, and we have learned about pixels. A “pixel” is a single point in a picture. On a screen a pixel is usually a square. And its so fun and easy to learn.

And I’ve used this site called Make 8-Bit Art to make the characters.

The characters are Ash and Pikachu from a famous tv-show called Pokemon.

Stop Motion – Animation Car Crash

For Cybersmart with Mr Goodwin this week we have made a Stop Motion. And stop motion is a special type of animation. And this is how to make one.

  1.  Get a backround and get a car or anything else
  2. make a google slide and then name it Stop Motion – Animation
  3. and then you put your backround in your google slide and your image
  4. then move you image slowly and duplicate the slide each time
  5. Add words or extras to make it interesting.


What i enjoyed about it was looking back and seeing what i have creatied.

What i did well at is how i did to crash part.

What i need to improve on is how to explain better.

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