Term 3 Review

In LS1, this term was full of exciting things like, Cybersmart, Algorithm (Math) and many more. 


Thinking back on the last few months, I was so happy about my speech about why we should wear mufti.


I’ve been busy with all sorts of subjects, but the best part about Term 3 for me was Hpe, like Football,

Swimming, Ki O Rahi. and maths, like Algorithm, Fractions, and many more.                                                                                           

When it comes to reading, my favourite text I read was The Dive because it made me think about swimming and jumping into a pool.


Writing was super fun, especially when I got to a speech and when I had to say my speech in front of the whole class.


In Maths, I especially enjoyed it when we learnt about Division, Algorithms, because it’s just really understandable and easy to understand or learn about.

For our special Inquiry experiments, I really enjoyed dancing raisins and cashews because it was interesting to see the raisins and cashews going up and down, some raisin’s staying up and some cashews staying down.


In P.E. (Physical Education), I had a blast participating in Ki o Rahi because it was fun and quick to learn. And Football was really fun and I had a blast playing with my classmates and all that.


But you know what? I also found some areas where I can get even better. Like in reading. In reading I would mostly sit next to my classmates but sometimes I get distracted because I always talk to them and I move to another table to sit with someone not mostly distracted.


While I loved writing, I’ve noticed I need to work on more work because I always talk to my classmates but when I am not with them I get more work done and sometimes I finish my work. So basically what I need to work on is not to sit with my classmates sometimes.


In our special projects, I realised I need to work on listening to the teacher more because I get distracted sometimes.


In P.E., I think I could improve on my attitude because i get angry easily but sometimes i cool down with my anger and still having a positive attitude


Looking forward to the next term, I’m excited about the Athletics day and the Film Festival and mostly Prizgiving.  


And I’m thankful for having the opportunity to have the best term with my classmates and my teachers.


I can’t wait to see what the next term brings, and I’m ready to have the best term next term and make sure not to make things snowball and try not to get in that many fights with some students and just to make the best and having a positive attitude for next term. (Here is two more photos of me this term)

8-Bit Art

For Cybersmart today we did 8-Bit Art, and we have learned about pixels. A “pixel” is a single point in a picture. On a screen a pixel is usually a square. And its so fun and easy to learn.

And I’ve used this site called Make 8-Bit Art to make the characters.

The characters are Ash and Pikachu from a famous tv-show called Pokemon.

Hakula East U10s


For last Saturday I had a tournament for Hakula Tonga Rugby League East U10s.

I had so much fun playing and playing with my friend Vaingalo. There was lots of food there and we saw the other Hakula teams and the Samoan teams and many more like Cook Islands, Niue and Māori.

All right let’s get to talking about the games.

The first game was good and we played against the Cook Island U10s. We first had to start doing the haka and then after we did the haka the Cook Island team did their haka. And then the game started. First we had the ball and Vaingalo got the first try and then the Cook Island got a try and then I forgot  the rest. But it was a tie at the end of the game.

Now for the second game we played against Hakula South. I forgot what the game plays were sorry but it was another tie.

Now we have the last game vs Māori’s and we lost.  Miss Tele’a watched our game and sent us these photos.

For PB4L Today we have been talking about Personal Spaces.

Personal space is the amount of space someone needs around them to be comfortable. Different people feel comfortable with different amounts of personal space. It’s important not to get into someone else’s personal space, and to politely let others know when you aren’t comfortable with how close they are to you.

Fraction and Division

For math today we have been talking about Fraction and Division.

What is a Division you may ask.

A Division in maths is the process of breaking a number up into equal parts, and finding out how many equal parts can be made. For example, dividing 15 by 3 means splitting 15 into 3 equal groups of 5.

And what is a fraction aswell.

A fraction is an equal part of a whole. If you cut a pizza into 10 equal slices and eat three of them, you’ve taken a fraction of the pizza and not the whole thing (if you have the willpower, that is). In primary schools, children will learn about lots of different types of fractions.

And this is my math.

Buddy Uniform Check

This week we are talking about Buddy Uniform Check buddy was Daniel my firend and thenhen I had to do my uniform cheak with my buddy. First I had to take a photo of my self and write what are some of the things that are correct and incorrect on my school uniform.

Research Speech

For writing this week we are doing speeches. And this is my speech.

Imagine having mufti days for school that would be awesome. Hi my name is Darius and today I’m going to explain to you why we should wear mufti to school. We should have the choice to wear mufti to school because you don’t have to wash your dirty school uniform every single day, we will be more comfortable and you can express yourself.

and i have a second speech.

Why do we listen to teachers ?. Hi my name is Darius and this is my speech about Why we should listen to the teacher. We should listen to teachers because we can learn about 630 + 635 and we should give them respect and attention and if we don’t they will not give their respect to us. If you don’t listen, you will not know what you are meant to be doing.

Fraction Follow Up

For math this week we are doing Fraction Follow Up. And fractions is a part of a whole number, and a way to split up a number into equal parts. It is written as the number of equal parts being counted, called the numerator, over the number of parts in the whole, called the denominator.

Recycle Your Rubbish – Thank You Whaea Hera!

For PB4L we are doing why we should recycle are rubbish.

We should recycle are rubbish because there are several types of recycling processes that allow some materials to be used one or more times.

Thank You Whaea Hera. If you do not know who is Whaea Hera she is are lunch lady that make’s are lunch for us and i just want to thank Whaea Hera for the good lunch she give us and we really appreciate you being there for us.


The Dive

for reading this week i have to use my revise skills needed to read for the meaning and understanding.

  1. We had to make a copy of the response to text slides.
  2. We had to watch the video on slide two.
  3. We have to read the story of josh a diving expert or professional and highlight some words.
  4. Then we had to do the rest of the work.