Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu a Maori beast that is a iconic and dominant rugby player in the history of the sport, but sadly past.

Jonah Lomu my idol, my admire, my most favourite player of all.

Here is some facts about Jonah Lomu.

  1. He was the youngest ever All Black when he made his international debut in 1994.
  2. He was raised in Pukekohe.
  3. He went to Wesley College.
  4. His net worth is over 2 million.
  5. He has two boys named, Dhyreille and Brayley
  6. Lastly he sadly past in 2015

R.I.P. But here is some photos of him




Tanielu Tele’a

My favourite Super Rugby Player.

His name is Tanielu Tele’a, a Samoan beast, curently playing for the Highlanders and being a center for the team, and made his (first) debut for Auckland in 2018, and playing for marist, and made his first Super Rugby appearance off the bench for the Blues in 2019 against the Sharks, and made his first starting appearance for the Blues in the same year, and also was representing Manu Samoa in 2017 (Under 20’s).

And I want to play like him, bump off people like him, and be in the Super Rugby just like him, and the coolest thing about him is his long hair and have long hair just like him. Here is pics of him




LI : Show an understanding of the addition algorithm strategy.

LI: Show understanding of fractions and their representations.’

A fraction represents equal parts of a whole, by dividing it up into equal partitions. Each fraction has a numerator and denominator. The denominator represents the total number of parts the whole has been divided into.

Mechanical Character

Today for art LS1 did a Mechancal Character.

  1. First we had to talk about the function and what is does and I did my Mechanical Character as a fire bender.
  2. Then we had to trace or make are own Mechanical Charater and make some adjustment around or character.
  3. Then next we had to add some color and then we were done.

(I cant show because I did it on paper) 😢

Samoan Pattern (Cybersmart)

This week for Cybersmart we had to create Samoan Patterns.

  1. First we had to go on the Cybersmart website to look for the work. Then we had to watch a video from Mrs Tele’a and she talk about what we were going to do.
  2. Next after the video we started to work on are pattern and I chose some simple Samoan patterns that I can do.
  3. Finaly we had to add a color backround like brown, or grey, and I chose grey because we had to make the patterns black or white.

Here is my work.

Descriptive Setting Writing

As I can see fear everywhere around town with fire everywhere people running and war. I hear the painful screams and gunshots from the left and right from everywhere. I smell gunpowder from the gunshots and smell blood from the people that lost their lives. I feel horrible and terfide with all this disaster.


As I can see the color orange everywhere around me and a big humongous rock with a portal. I hear nothing but with some birds tweeting. I smell this orange sand on my feet and dust. I feel like i’m not surviving without water and feel like i’m not myself 



This week for inquiry me and LS1 learned about friction.

  1. First we i had to have a partner and his name is Vaingalo (i had to partner with him because he had no chromebook)
  2. Then we had to make a copy of the google drawing and it was about talking about friction.
  3. Finaliy we were done then we had to put it onto the mahi tracker then blog it.

Heres my work

TIES Structure

This week for reading LS1 and i had to make a slide about What is the TIES structure.

  1. First i had to have a partner and he is my good old friend, Vaingalo then we had to make a copy on the slides then we had to add are own slides in.
  2. Next we had to talk about in the slides what is TIES about.
  3. Finally we had to put the slides into the mahi tracker then we had to make it into a blog.

Here is my work.

Number Art

For today Ls1 learnt about Number Art.

  1. First we had to pick three numbers from 1 to 10 and the numbers I chose were 0, 3, and lastly 8.
  2. Then we had to trace the number into art like animals or anything.
  3. Lastly we had to chose the animals or something for are number to trace in and I chose a snowman, butterfly, and lastly a bear.

Here’s my work

Bubble Tea

Today LS1 was doing something for Bubble Tea because it was Bubble Tea Day.

  1. First we had to make a name and flavor for our Bubble Tea that we were going to trace. (And my Bubble Teas name was Taro Tempo because my flavor was Taro)
  2. Then we had to do are trace for of our Bubble Tea color it.
  3. Then next after all that we  had to put in some ingredients and I put the real ingredients for the Taro flavor.
  4. Lastly we had to make a fair price for our Bubble Tea.

Here’s my work