This week for my math I had to do Measurement.

This is what Measurement is for kidz Measurement is the action of measuring time, weight, height, temperature, length, speed, and more. Standard units, such as seconds, hours, pounds, inches, and degrees, are the common units used to measure things. You can also use non-standard units, like paper clips, yarn, cubes, pencils, and hands, to measure things.

First I had go  on the mat and listen for instructions from the teacher and make a copy.

Next I had to go to Measurement Sort and do a copy of it all I had to do mass’Length’Volume’and Capacity.

Then I had to go to Measurement Poster and do a copy of it and pick a pictures and I had to do a DLO of what mass’Length’Volume’and Capacity of what it mean.

I enjoyed doing mass’Length’Volume’and Capacity. I need to improve on Measurement. I did well at my DLO.

Here is my suff.

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