Hakula East U10s


For last Saturday I had a tournament for Hakula Tonga Rugby League East U10s.

I had so much fun playing and playing with my friend Vaingalo. There was lots of food there and we saw the other Hakula teams and the Samoan teams and many more like Cook Islands, Niue and Māori.

All right let’s get to talking about the games.

The first game was good and we played against the Cook Island U10s. We first had to start doing the haka and then after we did the haka the Cook Island team did their haka. And then the game started. First we had the ball and Vaingalo got the first try and then the Cook Island got a try and then I forgot  the rest. But it was a tie at the end of the game.

Now for the second game we played against Hakula South. I forgot what the game plays were sorry but it was another tie.

Now we have the last game vs Māori’s and we lost.  Miss Tele’a watched our game and sent us these photos.

One thought on “Hakula East U10s

  1. Malo lava Darius,
    Thank you for sharing with us about your Rugby league tournament – you and Vaingalo both played so well! You’ve written a way that helps me remember what it was like on the day. You must have been very proud to represent your culture.

    Looking forward to your future sport updates.

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