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Anzac Diary

For writing this week are task was about a Anzac Diary. (An Anzac Diary is like when somebody that was in the war they had a diary on them and write about what’s going on and that stuff)

  1. First we had to think something fictional what was going when they were first on the landscape.
  2. Then we started to write about what about and then we had to choose what type of level we would like to write in and our choice was Basic, Standard, and lastly Advanced. (And I think I did Standard and Advanced at the same time)
  3. Then next we had to write a fictional name that fits with are writing.
  4. Lastly we had to rec our self saying are fictional diary and that was it.

Here’s my work

Last Day Of Term 1

On Friday it was the last day of term one and it was an amazing last day of the term one.

First in the morning we had to do poetry but I was doing something else I was practicing for my Duffy script for assembly later on and the book I was talking about called Siva afi and I kept reading and reading the script and I master it so I was ready for what’s happening in the assembly.

Next some LS1 students had to move all the furniture around and some other students watching a movie called Monsters University and two other students doing another script for assembly.

Then it was finally show time and it was assembly and I was getting nervous at first but still was ready for my part of assembly. And then it was my part of assembly and was like shiver me tember but was i was just thinking in my head and saying ‘I can do this I believe myself’ and I said my script and gave it my all and i nailed it and I was proud of myself.

Finally I it was the best part it was a share lunch and movies and I bringed chips and there was so much food and I already almost stand up but my teacher was calling out the table groups and my table group was first table five and I grabbed pizza, mac & cheese and a Nutella bread with apple juice and I went done to the mat and under five minutes I finished my food and my teacher said we can have another round but we could only take two things and my second plate was pizza, and a cookie with I little bit Nutella on top and I finished my food under three minutes and then after LS1 ate there food we play one game of bang then we finished of with some singing.

Best day ever, God Bless🙏


ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. April 25th marks the first major military Anzac Day is a day to remember all Australians and New Zealanders who gave their lives in all wars, conflicts.

April 25th marks the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand forces during World War 1. ANZAC soldiers from New Zealand & Australia served their country and helped their country. They had to sacrifice their life and thought hard and make their country better.

ANZAC day is important because when it is ANZAC day all of the NZ and Australian civilians come to give respect to the passed away soldiers. Then when everybody meets up they will play a song to respect them and make them feel that they are still in the world. In the 19th century they had the war.

The Ideal Student

This week for PB4L we have been discussing what the ideal LS1 student looks like.

First we had to search up “School Cartoon kid” and we had to pick an image and we had to trace, and give them the Panmure Bridge. School uniform.

Then we had to AT LEAST have six things labeled about The Ideal Student.

Christian Tuipulotu

My favourite NRL player is Christian Tuipulotu. Christian Tuipulotu is also my idol and I like to do one of his side try outside of school and like how he plays and his style.

Christian Tuipulotu is a winger and now plays for the St George Illawarra Dragons but played for Manly Sea Eagles for 2 years and also plays for Mate Ma Tonga and he is most know for his unique style for his try called a side try’s.

Book Recommendation

This week for reading we did Book Recommendation.

and this is what i wrote.


I recommend the book “Who Stole My Taro” written by David Riley. This book belongs to the Polynesian genre. The story is about a Samoan Legend. If you’re a fan of Polynesia, and myths and legends, you’ll love this book. This interesting read is recommended by Darius.